Daybreaker Hits the High Line

I’m officially in trouble. A few years ago my husband wanted to start a new workout craze by launching a daytime workout/dance happening that would pop-up at random locations. I told him “NO!” Why? Because he’s a horrible dancer! Anyone who knows him can attest to it. He makes Elaine from Seinfeld look like Baryshnikov. I may be exaggerating…possibly even lying. Okay fine, he’s a fabulous dancer. Being married to me is like the real life Footloose. Anyway, when I first learned about “Daybreakers” I kept it from him. Being married is hard enough, so I didn’t need him to know that someone beat him to the punch with an idea I poo-pooed. Oops. Sorry honey.

I finally told him about Daybreakers and figured I should share it with others too since it’s such an awesome (yeah, I said it) idea. Daybreakers is a morning (usually 7am – 9am) dance party for people to hit up before they go to work for a kind of morning exercise. They did one today in New York at the High Line. If you want to be added onto their list to learn when one will be in your neck of the woods, visit their website. Wha’dya say we try to make this happen in LA? Who’s in!?



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