A Little Culture (Event #17): Downtown LA ArtWalk

Before meeting our friends (Emily and David) for an assortment of small plates at Louie Bottega, Adryana and I headed down to the Downtown Los Angeles ArtWalk on Thursday night. I was definitely surprised by the turnout.

Spanning out over both Gallery Row and the Old Bank District, the Downtown Los Angeles ArtWalk is several blocks of art galleries that have organized to throw an open house style event the second Thursday of every month. From noon-9pm, you can pop into the street galleries to either take a gander or actually buy art. The prices span all ranges, from $5-$10 a pop to several thousand dollars, and I was definitely impressed by the seemingly alive nature of downtown.

As mentioned in earlier blogs, we are involved in a downtown project that has been bringing us to the area more often. There are definitely some not as developed spots, but the ArtWalk area is definitely up-and-coming. There are some great food places including the Must Wine bar, a Vietnamese restaurant named Blossom, Lost Souls Café, Warung Café, the Nickel Diner and Rocket Pizza. This is definitely a new art scene area, kind of what you might have seen at the very beginning of DUMBO in Brooklyn, but it has some promise.

My favorite galleries were the makeshift ones on the South West corner of 4th and Main Street and the one in an open parking lot on Main Street between 4th and 5th. The makeshift gallery on 4th & Main was a collection of several Los Angeles galleries and featured artwork from Jeff Gillette. His artwork was a mixture of pop art characters, many using Disney, and cartoons reminiscent of those found in the pages of Playboy. Much of his art on display were of the pop character appearing in scenes involving activity that is usually kept private. The above images some of Gillette’s work displayed on ArtNet that shows pop art themes expressed in a different environment. I’m definitely bummed that I didn’t snatch up some of his work at the show, but I’ll come prepared with cash on hand next time.

For a list of galleries participating in the Downtown Los Angeles ArtWalk, check out http://downtownartwalk.com.


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