A Little Culture (Event #16): Bottega Louie & La Cita


“Cita” with the Hipsters…

As part of research for a new project we won, we’ve been on a mission to explore downtown and all it has to offer. We made plans to have dinner “somewhere” in Downtown LA then head over to “Dance Right” at La Cita, which means “the appointment” in Spanish.

We came up with several potential locations to have dinner including Provecho, Church & State, and Cuidad but figured we would decide once we got into downtown… Enter my sister, Lizzette, 22 years old and very much a “hipster”. She stopped by the house as I was getting ready and was SHOCKED to hear we were going to La Cita. “YOU’RE going to La Cita” were her exact words delivered in a very high-pitched voice. Her reaction clearly meant there was something vilely wrong with La Cita and I had to know what it was!!! “You know everyone there is really young and you’re going to get stepped on so I have no idea what shoes you’re going to wear.” Sheer panic sets in as I desperately try to concoct an outfit that will help my 36-year-old ass to blend in with the hipsters. Luckily Miss Hipster herself was there to help.

I busted out an old pair of vintage bellbottom Levi’s and got a thumbs up from Lizzette. Woo hoo! I’m on my way I thought as I slipped on my “cool” jeans but wait…shit…I think I can zip them up…hold on…let me lay on the bed. As I walked out the door, unable to bend, I felt very pleased with the outfit Lizzette put together for me.

We got into downtown and were surprised to see how many people were walking on the streets and how bustling several of the restaurants were. Coincidentally we drove by, Bottega Louie, the MOST AMAZING place I’ve ever laid eyes on! Simultaneously, my husband and I excitedly yelled, “Let’s eat there!”

The restaurant sits on the bottom floor of the Brockman Building and from the outside looks epic but pales in comparison to the way it looks on the inside. No detail has been overlooked. I think the best word to describe it is…palatial (see pictures below). It is enormous (10,000 sq. ft. of open space), has 20 ft. ceilings, beautiful white carrera marble everywhere, gold gilt fixtures, and ornate crown moldings throughout the space. I fell in love. The delicious food and friendly service were icing on the already beautiful cake. I highly recommend you try Bottega Louie if you haven’t already because you won’t be disappointed.

Next stop… “Dance Right” at La Cita! Bottega Louie left me feeling so elated that I completely forgot about my “muffin top” and totally disregarded the bouncers “1972?!” comment when he saw my ID. We arrived at about 10:30pm and as expected it wasn’t crowded.

I’m not going to say much about our experience at La Cita because there isn’t much to tell…other than it’s O-V-E-R. You know when a club is hot and everyone is dying to go? Well, two years ago this event was that. We still had a great time and my man got his boogey on. It turned out my “cita” wasn’t with the ever so coveted hipsters but rather with Bottega Louie who I will covet ever so dearly.


(photo credit: Muhlyssa)


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