A Little Culture (Event #13): Shibuya & Cirque’s KA

What happens in Vegas…

Day three in Las Vegas…somebody get me some Oxygen! By this point I’m exhausted but like a true soldier I march on. We discovered a little trick to get your kids to sleep in later… Mom’s and Dad’s listen carefully. We closed the curtains so that no light, not a speck, could creep in and tricked Poet into thinking it was still dark outside! HA!!! She woke up at her usual time (7:30 am), sat up, inspected her surroundings, noticed it was still dark, and went back to sleep until 9:30 am!!! You heard it here first folks. Order the black out shades today because it works!!!

Down to the pool and in the air-conditioned cabana by 10:00 am… More sun, more drinks, and more good times. We headed up to our room about 4:30 pm to prepare for our third and final night in Las Vegas. We saved the best show for last, Cirque du Soleil’s KA playing at the MGM. I was going to wear an Asian inspired outfit but then decided that was too much, even for me. Instead, I went with an off white Alice & Olive dress that has ruched sleeves and a beaded hemline; paired with Prada snakeskin wood platform heels and my favorite Chanel necklace. We had the most delicious sushi dinner at Shibuya in the MGM Grand before heading into the show. I had seen KA before, about four years ago, and it was even better than I remembered. It is mind blowing!!! The production value is surreal. If you are going to see one show while you’re in Vegas, do yourself a favor and see KA.

The following morning was check out time and so our trip to Vegas was a wrap. What an amazing mini-vacation! It was quite a treat to be able to enjoy three amazing dinners, three epic shows, and share in my cousins one-year wedding anniversary trip. The trip did have one major hiccup that I wish I could undo… My daughter, Poet, crashed into a table and sliced her eyelid open. I guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas…

For more info on Shibuya and Ka visit the following:


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